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The recent pandemic, as you are aware, is resulting in guidelines and advice being constantly updated and our policy will continue to be updated in line with these. We are keen to help prevent spread of this virus and are therefore putting several procedures into place with regards to our Walking and Dayboarding dogs.



With the advantage of having our own field, we do not come into contact with people during our working day.

We are taking measures to disinfect our vans daily and we carry antibacterial gels and wipes.

Feel free to leave anti-bac wipes at our usual point of exit if you wish us to wipe down door handles etc.

We will use our own leads to collect and return your dog.

Should any of us show symptoms we will self-isolate following government guidelines and you will be advised of this as soon as possible, together with a plan to cover your normal services.


Notify us as soon as possible if you feel unwell showing symptoms of the Coronavirus. We will continue to offer a walking service for your dog during your self-isolation but would ask that your dog is available for us to collect without us entering your property unnecessarily. For example, your dog is waiting with their collar or harness on, and coat if you wish, and they are able to come to the door to us when we open it. We will wear surgical gloves to prevent cross contamination.

Please ensure that your dog collar, harness, coat is frequently wiped down with anti-bac wipes and washed on the highest setting possible for the item as often as possible.


We will continue our service as normal, however we will maintain a distance of 6 feet from you at all times.


We would ask you to consider the impact that this situation is having on small businesses and the self employed, such as dog walkers, cleaners, nannies etc. Government help is minimal and not guaranteed and so we urge those fortunate enough to receive a good or full sick pay package to consider whether you are able to offer support by maintaining your usual monthly financial commitment despite any service disruption. This in turn means that those valuable services are still operational when you come to need them again.



A 50% non refundable, non transferable deposit is payable at the time of booking. Should the deposit not be paid, then the dates are no longer available.

-If cancellation is made more than 14 days ahead of the time of boarding, no balance is due.

-Cancellations with less than 14 days notice will require payment in full.

Should the decision to cancel your trip be taken out of your hands, your travel insurance or pet insurance may be able to assist you with covering the cost of our services. If you require any documentation to support a claim, we would be happy to provide this for you.


Should you find yourself in a position where your return is delayed, please ensure that the emergency contact details we hold are up to date and that your contact is aware and prepared to collect your dog and arrange alternative boarding arrangements.

We will endeavour to keep your dog if you are delayed if required by you, but due to licensing conditions, we may not have adequate capacity to do so and as last resort, if your emergency contact were unable or unwilling to step in, we would follow the instructions provided by you in our contract and either board your dog with another Doggy Daycare home boarder or find accommodation in local boarding kennels.

If you are delayed and wish for us to continue looking after your dog (subject to availability) this will be charged at the usual rate of £25 per night per dog.

Any additional food or medication that is needed for any additional stay will be invoiced to you on your return at cost. Any kennel costs will be invoiced to you at cost.

Home Boarding

An alternative to kennels with your dog being treated as part of the family during their stay. We are delighted that we have two fully licenced, first aid trained and insured home boarders who work with us to provide a comfortable place for your dog to stay.

Jane lives in Halesowen and is licenced for upto 3 boarding dogs at one time.

Denise lives in Stourbridge and is licenced for upto 1 boarding dog at one time.

Both Denise and Jane have dogs of their ow