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Home Boarding

An alternative to kennels with your dog being treated as part of the family during their stay. We are delighted that we have a fully licenced, canine first aid trained and insured home boarder who works with us to provide a comfortable place for your dog to stay.

Jane lives in Halesowen and is licenced for upto 3 boarding dogs at one time.

"I have had dogs nearly the whole of my life. My grandparents always had spaniels and as I lived with them for the first few years of my life, dogs were part of my experience from day one. I then had my own dog - a beagle when I was 9. Fortunately my partner Nigel shared my love of the breed and we went on to have 7 more over the years.

I am now very much in love with and committed to the Flatcoat Retriever breed"

"I was approved and registered as a home boarder in May 2019 and had a really exciting and busy first year. I was able to gain so much experience, looking after many different dogs with a range of needs. Then of course the dreaded Covid pandemic hit us in March 2020.

Home boarding was virtually non-existent during the rest of that year, apart from my boarding arrangements with key workers.

Thankfully I am now back up and running - or should I say walking!

It’s turning out to be a very busy 2021 and it looks like 2022 will be the same, with many people planning their holidays for next year.

If you had told my 9,10,11 year old self that I would be doing this, at this this point in my life, I would have been totally and completely over the moon at the thought.

It really is a privilege to have dog owners entrust you with the care of their beloved dog and I never underestimate what that means."